Swatching happily away…

My favorite time of night is when everyone is in bed and it’s just me and the pup on the couch. This is when I usually start to play with yarns or read patterns.

Last night I started to swatch for my cardigan. I am making a proper swatch this time. I will not rip it out. I will however do all the proper things. Give it a bath, block it and keep it.

I got lots of enjoyment and a slight thrill that I am FINALLY knitting on my yarn. I was sitting here watching TV and swatching away and then did the impatient thing. Knit an inch and tried to measure my gauge. So much for a proper swatch. I now remember why I have no proper swatches, impatience!! I didn’t let this lure we away from my goal, so I am still knitting until it is at least 4 inches. I will have to say that I am in love with the Yankee Tweed. Here is my swatch so far…

To my defense, I started swatching around 10:30 pm. I have a fair amout of knitting to do, like 3 more inches. God, my hands are looking old! When did that happen??

I am looking forward to work tomorrow night. I have been missing my friends and an anxious to see what everyone is working on.

Well, I am off the make that swatch look a bit more proper!

Happy Knitting!




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