Yikes, I couldn’t blog…

Hello to all! I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. I had much to be thankful for and that includes all of you the read my blog!

I need to back track a bit because I had started a blog post and apparently never posted it. Sheer exhaustion may have had something to do with it.

Last weekend, The Yankee Dyer had a wonderful Open House with my dear friend Phyllis who is a gifted potter and she invited me to join her at her studio this year and we both had a fabulous weekend. Saw lots of friends and made some new ones. A ton of work went into it for me as I was just coming off a huge dyeing job for The Knot Hysteria retreat in Port Ludlow, WA.

Here is some of Phyllis’s work.

This last picture is of a beautiful lamp and my hubby bought it for my for Christmas. I am so very excited and NO, I don’t already have it.

So, we travelled by car to Massachusetts and it really went better than I expected. I didn’t need the Xanax like I thought I would and I even fell asleep at one point…sheer exhaustion set it. I did knit on the way up and finished Kyle’s hat which made him very happy.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving with his side of the family and I got my baby fix in. We headed to Cape Cod on Friday for some quick QT time with my family and we left yesterday (Saturday) and drove straight home. We arrived at 9:30 pm last night and we all were in bed at 9:45 pm and asleep by 10:00 pm. It was wonderful to wake up in our own bed!

The dog has been retrieved and bathed and the washing machine is going. I am thankful that I had stuff in the freezer to defrost for dinner tonight. I am also extremely thankful that we never saw an accident traveling either way.

The boys are off to Lowe’s….I can’t imagine wanting to be in a car, but whatever. I think that they are going to try to set up the tree or decorate outside. I can keep myself busy in here.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I am grateful for all of you too!

Happy Knitting,



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