A delicate balance….

The art of balancing it all finally broke me today. Burning the candle at both ends caught up with me as well. I came home from work, made dinner and proceeded to pass out on the couch for a couple of hours, which didn’t affect my sleep pattern at all. Got up, had a snack, watched a program and went back to sleep.

I am really struggling to achieve an acceptable balance in my life. Starting a business takes up so much of my time and I hate telling the family that I can’t do things because I have to work.

The end of my dyeing spree is in sight. Just two (2) more skeins to dye and I am done until the new year. Yes, you heard me, the new year!!

I have an Open House this weekend which will be fun and then we head out on Tuesday with the car pointing North. We will be in Massachusetts for Thanksgiving and home in Maryland for Christmas. I am really excited about being home for Christmas. We have always run our you know whats off trying to get to the airport at O’Dark-Thirty and our Christmas gets lost in the process.

I am really missing my knitting too! I have but a mere 2 inches left to knit on my poncho. I have a feeling it will be the knitting black hole…like sleeves. I was hoping to wear it for the Open House, but I need to be realistic, find another outfit!!! You never know, I might be able to do it. Ok, I just rolled my eyes at myself….FIND ANOTHER OUTFIT!!!

Hubby is bringing home pizza for dinner and then I will head upstairs for a well-earned bubble bath. Help with the aches and pains of standing on your feet for hours and the horrible pain in my right hand from wringing out all that yarn. There has got to be a better way. I did soak my hands last night in Epsom salt and boy did that feel wonderful. I think once all my work is done I might treat myself to a manicure on Friday and include a paraffin treatment. Things to look forward too. I am not a high maintenance girl. Manicures are for special occassions. My hands are in way too much water in my real life and frankly the toilets and tubs don’t care how my nails look!…I just made myself laugh…ha ha!

Have a lovely evening and I’ll be in touch.

PS: No word from The Yarn Harlot, but she has to be beyond exhausted!! I’ll keep you posted!  🙂



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