Inspired to finish…

Greetings and TGIF to you all!

Yesterday, the box to WA was shipped and a piece of my heart was in that box. I hope that they all love the yarn.

Last night at work, my friend Betsy came in wearing her finished poncho and it looked so wonderful on her, that it has inspired me to finish mine.

I am doing it in Rowan Felted Tweed DK in a Teal color. I love it and since my shoulder seems to be giving me grief again, I am going to knit on this until it’s done. I only have about 5 inches left, but it’s starting to feel like the knitting black hole.

When I start a project I usually knit on it exclusively. But I think I will spread myself around a bit. Working on small needles really torks my shoulder so knitting monogamy just won’t do. I am looking forward to knitting Kyle’s hats and maybe one for Bryce…not sure that he is knit worthy yet.

I did a bunch of errands this morning and am rewarding myself with a little knitting time and a movie. I just love George Clooney, in most movies, but The Perfect Storm is one of my favorites and it just happened to be on. So, the puppy and I are keeping each other company until the rest of the family is home.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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