Heading to UPS…

I am breathing a sigh a relief and joy. Sitting in my sunroom is a rather large box of hand dyed yarn that is heading to a knitting retreat in Port Ludlow, WA., hosted by non other than Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and Tina (I am sorry, but I don’t know Tina’s last name). This box contains some of my best work. I have discovered that I really enjoy handpainting the most. Here are a couple of my favorite hand paints….

I sure hope that everyone on the retreat loves these as well.

Here is a picture of the box and it’s contents. All are tagged with personal and funny notes. I cracked myself up a couple of times. Hope these ladies have a sense of humor.

The retreat starts on November 8th or 9th, so I will be a bit nervous for the weekend. I have goosebumps…

Happy Halloween to all!




3 responses to “Heading to UPS…

  1. So exciting for you! I know your beautiful products will be a big seller and people all across the USA will be knitting with Yankee Dyer! Congratulations and continued success. Aunt Sandy


  2. Hurray for you!! Quite an accomplishment – beautiful work.


  3. The yarns are gorgeous! I know they’ll love them as much as all of us do! The only note I could read said “Drinking + Knitting = Ripping. Knit Responsibly” – funny, and true! I can’t wait to hear what Yarn Harlot says about these yarns. I love the handpaints – can’t wait to see them in person!


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