Oh Sandy Baby…..

If you live on the East coast, you are singing the same tune. It looks to be a miserable weather time ahead. We are New Englanders and we have weathered this before. Of course, in true NE fashion, we have bread and milk and eggs. You can make lots of yummy things with these ingredients.

I walked around the yard today and captured some of the fall beauty before mother nature unleashes her fury on us. I found these beauties…

I may have to snip them and bring them inside. They are too pretty to face the storm.

I am putting the finishing touches on the yarn heading to Port Ludlow. Very exciting…

I am lining up the knitting projects for the big storm. I might even cast on a couple of new ones in the storms honor. One is a sweater and the other a shawl. I would really like to finish up some WIP’s and end up with FO’s.

I figured that I should write tonight because I have to work at the shop tomorrow and frankly, I might forget.

To any of my readers in my local area and up the East coast, be smart and be safe and I will see you on the flip side of Sandy!




One response to “Oh Sandy Baby…..

  1. You, Bryce and Kyle stay warm, safe and dry! We’ll be trying to do the same! BTW – the Yankee Dyer projects are looking GREAT!!! And people can say enough wonderful things about the yarn!


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