Just a few more…

So close to being done with one big dyeing project and then on to the next. It was nice to have a week off and give my hands a little rest from all the wringing out of yarn. Really it’s a good thing I am almost done because I got the flu shot yesterday and my arm is sore right up to the shoulder.

It is a mild day here in MD with slightly cloudy skies. Hope it stays this way so it does not heat up too much. I would hate to turn on the AC in October.

My favorite colors today are teal, navy, orange, gold and brown. I could play with teal, navy and brown all day….they are what is speaking to me today.

Tomorrow I will spend the day with my hubby of 15 years in Old Town Alexander, lunching and shopping without our son. Since we don’t have a sitter, time alone is a challenge and a rarity. I am looking forward to window shopping. The bead store is up there and so is Olio, an Olive Oil bar and the cheese shop along with many others I have yet to discover. We will have fun and the weather is expected to be picture perfect which it wasn’t on our wedding day…we had rain.

Tomorrow is also my mom’s birthday! Yes, we got married on her birthday. She is getting harder and harder to buy for. Maybe something with catch my eye in Old Town tomorrow.

Well, I must run. Dinner won’t make itself and I have to light a fire under Bryce to get his homework done.

I wish you all a wonderful evening!



2 responses to “Just a few more…

  1. Happy Anniversary to one of my favorite couples!!.. Old Town…that is where Sarah’s wedding was…Collingwoods Library…beautiful area.
    Enjoy!! xoxox


  2. Have a lovely day! And Happy Anniversary! Enjoy!


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