Friday Part 4…

Just a quick update. Since I can’t knit, I can at least blog about the craziness. Seems fair somehow.

Hubby was treated and released from the ER with countless medications to fill. They even gave him meds for tonight. He is upstairs in a muscle relaxant, pain reliever coma.

My beautiful son, who seemed so big and so small tonight, fell asleep on the couch. As I looked at him sleeping, I remembered all the times I had rocked him to sleep in my arms and how it seems like yesterday. I woke him gently, gave him some pain reliever and helped him to bed. He still has a high fever, but at least the meds work and he can sleep.

So Freaky Friday is coming to an end. We all (I) held it together and everyone is in bed. Well, almost…I might try to knit for a bit before turning in.

Sweet Wooly Dreams to you all!



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