Friday update…

Wow, it’s already 1:23 pm. Where is the day going?? Oh, I know where it’s going. To hell in a hand basket I tell you.

When the childs fever is at bay, he’s a bossy little bugger. When the fever spikes, I feel bad and tell him to go to sleep where he looks appears all angelic and then wakes up a whole lot less angelic. It has been a MOMMY get me this and that all morning and I am about to go postal.

I also finally looked at my foot that has been giving me some pain all morning and discovered a nasty bruise where I wacked my foot at some point during the night trying to get to him. The trials and tribulations of motherhood!

I’m off again, he needs something else. So glad that he is in true MALE for and can’t function when ill. Does this prove that there is indeed a defective gene in there somewhere? I would say YES!!



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