Casting-On and on and on…

Good day! It’s a chilly start this morning and the smell of fall is in the air, as well as ragweed, which I think is trying its darn best to kill me.

I spent all day yesterday dyeing yarn for a group KAL and will finish the last of it today and then back to all the yarn swag for The Yarn Harlot. What a wonderful and exciting opportunity I have been given.

I gathered all my UFO’s and took a guilty peek at what was in all the project bags and found the lone sock I had started for my husband.  I thought that if I could finish that ONE and start the OTHER that this would be the perfect gift for our 15th wedding anniversary on October 25th (also my mom’s birthday). So I have been religious about knitting this sock and I did the gussett and heel yesterday and started the leg today and that same shoulder pain is creeping back. I really don’t want to end up back in PT, because they are going to say, you knitted socks again, didn’t you! Worse case scenario, he just gets the one that is almost done and I show him the mate that will be on the needles and promise to have them done before Thanksgiving. Hmmm, with my crazy dyeing schedule, would Christmas be a better goal….possibly….we shall see.

I still want to cast-on everything I see.  Frankly, I need to knit faster or hire someone to knit all this stuff for me….LOL! The reality is that I need to stay off Ravelry….yeah, right…there is no way this could happen. I could stop reading blogs, but they are full of great ideas and more fibery finery. I tend to read all my blogs in the morning with my coffee and sometimes I even read them in bed before I get up. I have to make the most out of my time. This way I get to stay in bed a few more precious minutes.

I have become obsessed with another little project that I will share with you on the next blog post.

Happy Knitting….



2 responses to “Casting-On and on and on…

  1. The KAL is going great! Everyone loved their yarns – you exceeded all expectations!!! Thank you!


  2. Michele, please watch that shoulder, I get a pinch in mine when I am
    on the computer playing my games. I am a lot older than you, so
    please take care of yourself. Bryce did an awesome job in the race.


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