Hey there, I have pictures….

Line BreakOh, I bet that got your attention! I also enjoy reading blogs that have pictures too! Sometime this isn’t always possible.

I told you I finished my Line Break and I kept forgetting to ask my friend Lynne for a quick photoshoot. She takes the most flatterning photo’s. So here we go…


It really was a fun knit.

Last blog post I had a case of pattern-itis. Well, now I suffering from wanting to cast-on everything in sight. I thought the better of this move.

I will definitely cast-on the Vitamin D sweater this week and possibly another shawl.

Yesterday I went on an outing with my friend which of course landed us somewhere near fiber and I added to my stash some glorious Road to China Light by The Fibre Company. Last weeks lace class with Anne Hanson was fun and informative because she works with some of the most sought after fibers and this was on my list to use with one of her beautiful patterns. What makes up this fiber you ask?? It starts off with 65% Baby Alpaca, then 10% Cashmere and 10% Camel and 15% silk…sounds awful, I know and it feels even worse, wink, wink. I am actually sitting here petting it.

So you see my dilemma right? So many great patterns and exciting yarns, but sadly, just not enough time. Unless I stopped cooking and cleaning and doing the laundry….what a lovely little fantasy I just had. I guess I just need to knit faster and better manage my time. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Happy Knitting,



6 responses to “Hey there, I have pictures….

  1. I love it Michelle! The teal is stunning against your autumn hair color. The design of the Line Break pattern is unique too.
    I can’t wait to see what mine looks like in the Yankee Dyer Tweed..a plumb colorway. So far, I’m enjoying both the yarn and the pattern.
    When you figure out a way to manifest more time for knitting and eating bonbons, PLEASE let me know!


  2. I love your Line Break and the color is gorgeous!


  3. Beautiful!


  4. Lovely!!…


  5. Beautiful work! Your blog makes for good reading.


  6. Hi Michele, You look great in that shawl. So warm & cozy, keep up the
    beautiful work!


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