Pattern-itis?? Oh, it’s real…..

I am sure that you  have heard about this condition before. Everyone is suseptable…yes, everyone.

I found myself on Ravelry this morning…ok…every morning and I am just blown away with all the great patterns out there. I am faving all over the place and thinking about yarns and colors and when I could start. Then the printer gets its workout for the day. Wireless is awesome! Like it, love it, buy it and print it…ta da, it’s in your hot little hands.

I have done very little knitting but pattern-itis seems to have replaced it. I have been printing patterns for about 2 weeks. They are all printed and protected in sleeves and I even bought a cute thingy to tote them around with me. See, it really is a condition, because they need to be with me at all times. You never know when you will have a pattern emergency, which can only be followed my a yarn emergency. Hence the vicious cycle.

When I am stressed, things like this happen. It could be worse…..

The dye pots were giving me grief again today!  I will soak some less valuable yarn and see where the problem lies. I am really quite perplexed about this one.

I must tell you that last night after I posted about my horrific day, I was opening a bottle of carbonated water and that sucker exploded all over me and the kitchen. At that point I just had to laugh, it seemed fitting! Scared the hell out of the puppy and the cat.

I have only 1 more of those hideous scarfs left to make and then I will be free!!

I am off to boil some water for pasta. It is Wednesday and that means spaghetti night here by order of my son.

Happy Day…



One response to “Pattern-itis?? Oh, it’s real…..

  1. I’m glad you found the humor in that exploding bottle!


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