This day hasn’t felt right since I woke up. Nothing is going smooth. It’s like swimming against the current with ankle weights on.  Road blocks every where I turn. Decisions to make…not capable today, sorry!

I put my life away and made dinner. Sat down to read the Yarn Harlots blog, which always makes me smile, but today, she too was up to her neck in crap. And this made my crappy day feel better because I wasn’t alone. Someone else was using bad language and not accomplishing much. Tomorrow, she and I will have a fabulous day, I just know it!!

My plan is to keep working on those crazy scarfs tonight. I don’t see much else happening while like this.

I thought it was interesting that my husband had to text me about the traffic and then tell me how badly he slept last night. I am sure that the look on my face should have told him that I could have cared less and really, what was I suppose to do about either.

Chalking this up as a difficult day and going to plunk myself in front of the TV.

Have a wonderful what’s left of your day.



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