What a weekend….

I certainly had a fun filled weekend!!

It started on Friday night at the Anne Hanson trunk show. It was great to meet her and see so many of my “fav’ed” items from Ravelry in person. Anne was just lovely and I was beyond pleased to see that she really appreciates Indie Dyed yarns and admits that she rarely knits with a solid color yarn. Now here is a lady after my own heart. I sent her a tweet on Twitter and she Tweeted me back. I suspect she will find some Yankee Dyer yarn in her future.

On Saturday, me and my friends Angie and Sue headed out to class with Anne. We all had our swatch and all had cast-on our 500+ stitches…none of which we used. That was a pretty big bumer. We did do a lace swatch and frankly, just looking at it makes me happy, happy, happy. There is just something about lace that makes my heart sing and my needles happy.

On Sunday, I worked as usual and did up some One Scarf Wonders for a family member. I felt really bad that I had somewhat forgotten about them. My friend Karen was kind enough to knit one of the 4 I have to do…many thanks Karen!!

I spent today crusing Marshall’s and did some grocery shopping. I know, I know, it’s just too exciting for words. The dog got groomed and we hung out for a bit this afternoon and before you know it, it’s time to start dinner and head to the bus stop. I’ll be working on another of those scarves this eveing.

I am planning to dye tomorrow! And I will have some pictures to share with you then.

Happy Knitting,




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