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Safe and Sound….

We all are fine. It was quite a wild ride and we were very well prepared. That’s half the battle. The other half is keeping busy while all hell breaks loose just outside the door.

We never lost power or the TV…which surprised the heck out of me. The satellite is always the first to go and not even a flicker. So being stuck in the house with TV and electricity was hardly a hardship. It kept hubby and child occupied while I cooked and even had painted some yarn….not at the same time!! Then there was the request of chocolate chip cookies, so, of course I made them. The thing about storms, you eat a lot more food. Well, they did at least. Another New England tradition for us is the making of doughboys last night whenever there is a storm…ususally snow…but we aren’t picky…any storm will do.

I found staying busy in the kitchen helped me with the anxiety of what is going on outside. I didn’t settle down to knit until almost 8:00 pm.

Today was rest day for me. I awoke to calmer winds and lighter rains. As soon as my feet hit the floor, I threw open the curtains to see what had happened to the yard…..a big, fat, nothing. When Irene blew through last year, we lost a huge tree that fell right outside out bedroom window and never heard it. That’s what freaks me out about these storms when the worst is at night. You can’t see anything and everything sounds like something not great.

I was also surprised that the mailman delivered mail today. Gotta love the mailman. He brought be an order from Knit Picks and some yarn for a hat that I wanted to make my hubby that apparently I had completely forgotten about. I am still thinking about when I ordered it??? Brain cramps….??? Anyway, he was giving me grief until I said, Oh, I ordered this for YOU! Yes, the tune changed on a dime. I also apparently forgot what pattern I was going to do, but my friend Angie, who knows me too well, proceeded to tell me what pattern I was going to do. Thanks, Angie!!! So hubby has two (2) new hats headed….get it…headed….his way. I just cracked myself up. I must need to get out of the house and be with other people. Ok, so hubby is getting 2 hats for our anniversary since those socks won’t be done for some time.

Well, that’s enough excitement for this gal. I am headed for the couch and a little knitting. House is a little crazy at the moment, not sure that this is optimal knitting time.

For those of you still suffering the effects of Sandy, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Happy it’s all over for now day!





I am taking advantage of the fact that the storm isn’t here yet and sucking up all the electricity I possibly can….take that SMECO. I actually love our electric company, they get us back online super quick!

I have been working on my Dungeness Shawl and I really think that it is great. I am enjoying the little pops of color, well, in my case, non color and it is an easy knit.

I am using Madeline Tosh Merino Light in the Glazed Pecan colorway and the other is a natural color. Reminds me of coffee and cream. Here is a close up…

These little pops of non color are achieved by little short rows. I am enjoying this knit and look forward to it being a FO soon.

I am off to knit for a bit.

Everyone be safe during the storm.

Knit Happy,


Oh Sandy Baby…..

If you live on the East coast, you are singing the same tune. It looks to be a miserable weather time ahead. We are New Englanders and we have weathered this before. Of course, in true NE fashion, we have bread and milk and eggs. You can make lots of yummy things with these ingredients.

I walked around the yard today and captured some of the fall beauty before mother nature unleashes her fury on us. I found these beauties…

I may have to snip them and bring them inside. They are too pretty to face the storm.

I am putting the finishing touches on the yarn heading to Port Ludlow. Very exciting…

I am lining up the knitting projects for the big storm. I might even cast on a couple of new ones in the storms honor. One is a sweater and the other a shawl. I would really like to finish up some WIP’s and end up with FO’s.

I figured that I should write tonight because I have to work at the shop tomorrow and frankly, I might forget.

To any of my readers in my local area and up the East coast, be smart and be safe and I will see you on the flip side of Sandy!



Just a few more…

So close to being done with one big dyeing project and then on to the next. It was nice to have a week off and give my hands a little rest from all the wringing out of yarn. Really it’s a good thing I am almost done because I got the flu shot yesterday and my arm is sore right up to the shoulder.

It is a mild day here in MD with slightly cloudy skies. Hope it stays this way so it does not heat up too much. I would hate to turn on the AC in October.

My favorite colors today are teal, navy, orange, gold and brown. I could play with teal, navy and brown all day….they are what is speaking to me today.

Tomorrow I will spend the day with my hubby of 15 years in Old Town Alexander, lunching and shopping without our son. Since we don’t have a sitter, time alone is a challenge and a rarity. I am looking forward to window shopping. The bead store is up there and so is Olio, an Olive Oil bar and the cheese shop along with many others I have yet to discover. We will have fun and the weather is expected to be picture perfect which it wasn’t on our wedding day…we had rain.

Tomorrow is also my mom’s birthday! Yes, we got married on her birthday. She is getting harder and harder to buy for. Maybe something with catch my eye in Old Town tomorrow.

Well, I must run. Dinner won’t make itself and I have to light a fire under Bryce to get his homework done.

I wish you all a wonderful evening!


Next year, Rhinbeck or bust!

I was miserable this weekend, absolutely miserable. I wasn’t getting sick, I wasn’t PMSing, I wasn’t tired, well, maybe a little, but nothing that I can’t handle. I was on Twitter reading all the reports of Rhinebeck and realized that was where I was MENT to be.

The girls and I had talked about it and we all really wanted to go, but it just wasn’t in the cards for us this year. Next year, however, will be a different story! Granted I live in Maryland where Maryland Sheep and Wool is held every May, but it is always so damned hot. I want to be at a wool festival where I can wear a sweater, maybe even one that I made. I am actually contemplating a Alice Starmore Aran weight sweater I have been lusting after for sometime. The only drawback is that is barely gets cold here in MD. It would be a sweater for when we head East. Not sure I want to spend so much time on a garment I wear so little.

I just counted my skeins for The Yarn Harlot and I have only about 7 more to dye. I am beyond excited to send these off to the retreat knitters and staff.

I am having a Yankee Dyer Open House the weekend of November 17 and 18, so as soon as I ship the order to Washington State, I am right back at the dye studio getting ready for this. I have a fabulous idea for kits….!! Shhh, can’t say anymore, but I think you will love it.

I must run, my to do list isn’t getting checked off nearly as fast as I would like it to be.

Happy Knitting!

Friday Part 4…

Just a quick update. Since I can’t knit, I can at least blog about the craziness. Seems fair somehow.

Hubby was treated and released from the ER with countless medications to fill. They even gave him meds for tonight. He is upstairs in a muscle relaxant, pain reliever coma.

My beautiful son, who seemed so big and so small tonight, fell asleep on the couch. As I looked at him sleeping, I remembered all the times I had rocked him to sleep in my arms and how it seems like yesterday. I woke him gently, gave him some pain reliever and helped him to bed. He still has a high fever, but at least the meds work and he can sleep.

So Freaky Friday is coming to an end. We all (I) held it together and everyone is in bed. Well, almost…I might try to knit for a bit before turning in.

Sweet Wooly Dreams to you all!


Friday Part 3…..

I couldn’t make this up if I tried. Hubby calls and tell me he is in pain and will be heading home early. I will preface this by saying my DH has some back issues, but how he takes care of himself is another story…kinda like the one I am going to tell you now.

I still have the moaning child on the couch and he is a real pill once the Tylenol kicks in. So no more for him…just kidding, sort of…!

My hubby walk into the house slow and crooked. Alarm bells are going off in my head. Not the emergency kind, more like, dumb ass alert, dumb ass alert…you get the picture. He was playing basketball this morning at work when this happened. He is now out getting dinner and then plans on going to the ER. Yep, that’s his plan. It is just so many shades of WRONG!! First, he works on an Air Force Base with a hospital, granted it’s a crappy hospital, but they dole drugs like nobody’s business.

I won’t go further because I will start to foam at the mouth.

This is just one of those Freaky Fridays. Thanks for letting me vent otherwise I might have an alcahol problem!!

Friday update…

Wow, it’s already 1:23 pm. Where is the day going?? Oh, I know where it’s going. To hell in a hand basket I tell you.

When the childs fever is at bay, he’s a bossy little bugger. When the fever spikes, I feel bad and tell him to go to sleep where he looks appears all angelic and then wakes up a whole lot less angelic. It has been a MOMMY get me this and that all morning and I am about to go postal.

I also finally looked at my foot that has been giving me some pain all morning and discovered a nasty bruise where I wacked my foot at some point during the night trying to get to him. The trials and tribulations of motherhood!

I’m off again, he needs something else. So glad that he is in true MALE for and can’t function when ill. Does this prove that there is indeed a defective gene in there somewhere? I would say YES!!


UGH…rough start for a Friday…

I was up most of last night with a sick kid. We have no ginger ale in the house and my husband was about to give him a milkshake. I was in bed when I heard the blender and I sat up and screamed….NO…!!! Of course, the sick kid didn’t understand WHY he shouldn’t drink it.

I had to ask a neighbor to have mercy on me and make a store run for me. Thank goodness for great neighbors.

Fortunately, there wasn’t school today. I do see a nap for me this afternoon.

I have some dyeing to do and maybe I can squeeze that in today. We shall see how needy the boy is. Right now coffee is all I care about.

More later…..




As previousley mentioned, my parents went to Canada and I asked my mom to poke around a yarn shop if they saw one and pick me up something fun. After a few days, I get a call from my mom and she is informing me that she can only find “this stuff” call Qiviuk…Still cracks me up that this was ALL she could find. Here is the long awaited picture.

Each of these skeins contain 214 yards of decidence. My mom said that I can start the payment play anytime….Details? My Dad picked out the color and it is the most beautiful marine blue. I still see a Anne Hanson lace something in this.

I am working on my Dungeness shawl, but progress has been slow due to the fact that I had to work. I love working, so it’s really not a big deal.


Tomorrow I am off to get some bloodwork done and hit a few stores and get my glasses adjusted.

I still have about 15 skeins to dye for the Yarn Harlot’s reatreat, but I think I am in good shape.

I had a completely similiar blog post all ready to post earlier but I think I hit a button and it all went away. I was kind of ticked off about the whole thing.

Anyway, happy knitting to all!