The seed of doubt….

The day was going along fine. I was humming in the kitchen and the dyeing pots were rocking and then I had some sort of mental hiccup and thought that I couldn’t find my color card for the color I needed to dye. I looked all over the place and was totally freaking out. I took a break and ate lunch and tried to settle my nerves down.

Once the blood sugar leveled out, I could see more clearly and dang, it was right in front of me. The dyeing could resume without tears. Then I remember that my son had a 1/2 day, so only a few skeins went in, but they came out beautiful.

It was that little seed of doubt that was going to try to ruin my whole day. I think not!!!

I am still swatching for Anne Hanson, yes, still. Should be done tonight, yay!

Forgot to tell you that I got my Signature Circulars in size 1… damn, they are sleek and sexy. I can’t wait to get some yarn on those bad boys! Serious knitting for me is on hold until all KAL orders and the extra special one for Ms. Stephanie are done. I will be content to knit my poncho and see it to completion soon.

I just realized that I never posted a picture of the wonderful yarn I got from Canada…a post for tomorrow!

Happy and Sane Knitting,



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