The happy dance!!

It has been a very difficult week around here.

Fourth grade homework had reduced most of us to tears! Why, I do not know, but what should only take 20 minutes is taking 2 hours and I am thinking that I might have a serious drinking problem by the end of the year!!   :-p

Anyway, I finished my Line Break and it is blocking nicley. My bind off was a tad tight in spots, can’t imagine why???

So yesterday I was catching up on The Yarn Harlot’s blogs because life has been to crazy to sit back and enjoy much. Sometimes things happen for a reason, a really good reason in fact. I noticed that they were doing the retreat in Port Ludlow, WA and were looking for vendors and I shot them a rather inpulsive email offereing up my goodies and SHE wrote back, thanking me for my generosity and several more emails to a very thrilled ME!!! For those of you who know me, she is a big deal in my life. I love her blog and admire how she lives her life and takes her knitting everywhere she goes. This is a big freaking deal. My yarn will be in hands of all those creative knitters and instructors!  LET THE HAPPY DANCE BEGIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am contemplating something completely exclusive for them and especially Ms. Stephanie herself.  I will dazzle them Yankee style!!! So, yes, you bet, I am doing the happy dance all over the house, in the car, while doing the laundry even while walking (dancing) the dog. It’s all so darn good!

Happy Weekend and Happy Knitting!



4 responses to “The happy dance!!

  1. Glad to hear some happy news from you, after your long week! Hang in there, it will only get better…hugs…


  2. Yay! You deserve it! I love reading the yarn harlot – she makes me laugh!


  3. I am so excited for you – she will completely love your yarns. Your dyeing is so special and the yarn bases you use are just spectacular. What a coup – and one you deserve!


  4. SEE what happens when you follow your dream? I’m SO happy for this turn of events for you. Only good things to come for you Michelle. I’ll be able to say “I knew you when”…Kudos to the Yankee Dyer!!!


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