The importance of sample knits…

I can’t stress that this is an invaluable tool to getting people excited about knitting something….it’s all in the visual and the touch. Once this has been achieved, you have success!!

How do I know, because I went to a trunk show today and there were wonderful things to try on and I immediately got jazzed about a sweater. I know, I know, a sweater…but I really fell hard for this gem and immediately puchased the yarn to make it. My friends all agreed, it looked really cute on.

I am going to keep it a surprise for now!

I am nearing the end of Line Break and I love it. I think that I will knit up another quick shawl in a fabulous Yankee Dyer colorway next.

I will be away for a bit. But I will be knitting away!

Did anyone order their Signature Needles in the new circular US Size 1? I did and they are here…! Worth the wait for sure. Fingers crossed for the US Size 2.

Have a wonderful weekend and happy knitting!



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