Qiviut and Meg….

Today is Monday, oh heck, I mean Tuesday. Those Monday holidays always mess me up. Lots going on, not all knitting related.

My parents are back home in Massachusetts and mom was mailing the Qiviut today…insured!! I am trembling with anticipation. I have had so many offers from fellow knitters to fondle it. Might have to start charging! I still can’t get over that IT was all she could find. I am sure that the Yarn Harlot could have pointed her in another direction, but lucky for me, nobody did. Pictures as soon as I pry it out of the hands of the mailman!!!

My friend Meg is en route from the airport to our house. She has been working in the Middle East for the last year and I am excited to see her! We will have some quality time together chatting and knitting.

There is always a ton of prep work to do when company comes. I loved it when my hubby came home and asked if any of the bathrooms needed to be cleaned??? Um, yes, all weekend they all needed to be cleaned, and I hit them all and proceeded to tell him that with just the right amount of sarcasm. Nobody seems to know how to “swish” the toilet. Really, it’s not difficult. I am sure that there might even be a tutorial on YouTube….!!

One of my guilty indulgences, yes, there are quite a few, but this one is the oldest. I am a fan of General Hospital and have been since Junior High and one of my most lusted after actors is leaving….Steven Burton….aka Jason Morgan! I am pretty upset about the whole thing. I mean this made the news, which I never watch, so I am now following the entire Port Charles gang on Twitter. This has been another of my downfalls….TWITTER! Great for business and making new friends, bad that I can now kind of cyber stalk Steve Burton. He is even coming to MD and I am dyeing to ask my hubby to take me, but that seems kinda weird, but I am tempted!! How do I know that he’s coming to MD…TWITTER!!!!

It’s just a crazy cyber world out there!! I never understood Twitter, but now I do and I am completely addicted!! Thanks a bunch iPhone!  😉

I am still knitting on my Line Break, but I am completely distracted by Carson by the talented Rosemary (Romi) Hill. I have bought the pattern and am definitely going to dye something special for myself. What a treat, to actually dye something just for me!

More later, I am going to try to knit a bit before company arrives.

Stay tuned for the pictures of the precious yarn……!



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