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The seed of doubt….

The day was going along fine. I was humming in the kitchen and the dyeing pots were rocking and then I had some sort of mental hiccup and thought that I couldn’t find my color card for the color I needed to dye. I looked all over the place and was totally freaking out. I took a break and ate lunch and tried to settle my nerves down.

Once the blood sugar leveled out, I could see more clearly and dang, it was right in front of me. The dyeing could resume without tears. Then I remember that my son had a 1/2 day, so only a few skeins went in, but they came out beautiful.

It was that little seed of doubt that was going to try to ruin my whole day. I think not!!!

I am still swatching for Anne Hanson, yes, still. Should be done tonight, yay!

Forgot to tell you that I got my Signature Circulars in size 1… damn, they are sleek and sexy. I can’t wait to get some yarn on those bad boys! Serious knitting for me is on hold until all KAL orders and the extra special one for Ms. Stephanie are done. I will be content to knit my poncho and see it to completion soon.

I just realized that I never posted a picture of the wonderful yarn I got from Canada…a post for tomorrow!

Happy and Sane Knitting,



Line Break and some Vitamins…

I finally finished the beautiful shawl Line Break. I did it in Madeline Tosh Light and I finished it in time for the nip in the air that is coming. I love the pattern and the yarn.

Today I spent a good chunk of time on Ravelry, buying, saving and fav’ing even more beautiful shawls. I am thinking of something with some beads. I did happen to pick up some beautiful beads while in Alexandria last weekend and I keep looking at them and they are speaking to me. My poor hubby was passing by and asked if this is what I was going to do today, my answer, yep, pretty much and I think I may need a nap. He understood the reason for my deep down tiredness and left me to myself.

I am also very smitten with a sweater. I know, I know…I always say, I’m not really a garment knitter, but I got to try this sweater on and it was love at first sight. My friends said it was a great choice and it looked really cute on me. The name of the pattern is Vitamin D by Heidi Kirrmaier and can be found on Ravelry.

I am taking a lace class on Saturday with Anne Hanson at Crazy For Ewe and I was just talking with my friend Sue and she said something about “homework”. I said, I didn’t read anything about homework and then realized that I had forwarded the email to her without actually reading it!!! Why didn’t I read it you ask, well, when I got home yesterday from work, we had a house guest. He was 2 years old and we were in charge of him while his mom was in the hospital having his new baby sister. I forgot how active a 2 year old can be and how unsafe my entire home was, so no, I never went on the computer and if I hadn’t talked with Sue I would be quite embarrassed come Saturday.

This is what I was working on today! I love it!! This is Yarn Harlot bound!!!

So, now that I have confirmed that I do indeed have homework, I am off in search of the right needles and yarn…..! I think Yankee Pride will be perfect….needles are somewhere….I think looking in daylight is my best bet.

I am off to watch some mindless TV, as I have been dyeing all day with wonderful results!!

Happy Knitting and Sweet Dreams!


The happy dance!!

It has been a very difficult week around here.

Fourth grade homework had reduced most of us to tears! Why, I do not know, but what should only take 20 minutes is taking 2 hours and I am thinking that I might have a serious drinking problem by the end of the year!!   :-p

Anyway, I finished my Line Break and it is blocking nicley. My bind off was a tad tight in spots, can’t imagine why???

So yesterday I was catching up on The Yarn Harlot’s blogs because life has been to crazy to sit back and enjoy much. Sometimes things happen for a reason, a really good reason in fact. I noticed that they were doing the retreat in Port Ludlow, WA and were looking for vendors and I shot them a rather inpulsive email offereing up my goodies and SHE wrote back, thanking me for my generosity and several more emails to a very thrilled ME!!! For those of you who know me, she is a big deal in my life. I love her blog and admire how she lives her life and takes her knitting everywhere she goes. This is a big freaking deal. My yarn will be in hands of all those creative knitters and instructors!  LET THE HAPPY DANCE BEGIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am contemplating something completely exclusive for them and especially Ms. Stephanie herself.  I will dazzle them Yankee style!!! So, yes, you bet, I am doing the happy dance all over the house, in the car, while doing the laundry even while walking (dancing) the dog. It’s all so darn good!

Happy Weekend and Happy Knitting!


The importance of sample knits…

I can’t stress that this is an invaluable tool to getting people excited about knitting something….it’s all in the visual and the touch. Once this has been achieved, you have success!!

How do I know, because I went to a trunk show today and there were wonderful things to try on and I immediately got jazzed about a sweater. I know, I know, a sweater…but I really fell hard for this gem and immediately puchased the yarn to make it. My friends all agreed, it looked really cute on.

I am going to keep it a surprise for now!

I am nearing the end of Line Break and I love it. I think that I will knit up another quick shawl in a fabulous Yankee Dyer colorway next.

I will be away for a bit. But I will be knitting away!

Did anyone order their Signature Needles in the new circular US Size 1? I did and they are here…! Worth the wait for sure. Fingers crossed for the US Size 2.

Have a wonderful weekend and happy knitting!


Time for a KAL….


Introducing some of the stars of the Fall Yarns 2012

Hello All,

As you know, I am smitten by shawls, it’s really not a secret. I have however knitted 3 garter stitch shawls and I need more of a challenge.

I am extremely excited about a shawl designed my Rosemary Romi Hill and the name of the pattern is Carson and I have decided to put together kits. I have more dyeing to do and then the kits will be ready soon. I have started this KAL on my Ravelry Forum Yankee Dyer Fans. We are planing to start on October 1,2012. Some come and join us for some fun!

Other news, I will be starting another Blog for The Yankee Dyer and keep this for my personal knitting…it’s all starting to blurrrr.

We are working really hard on the website and we are making lots of progress.

I am off to do a couple of rows before bed.

Happy Day,


Just being there….

Hello All,

I am sorry that I have been completely distracted. But the reasons are serious and I promise that I will be back when the people I care about are doing better.

I am still dyeing and comtemplating a dyeing blog. The website has become a thorn in my side, but we are getting there. Everyone says that once it is up and running, it will be easier. I am counting on that.

When people that you love are going through a really difficult time sometimes just showing up at the hospital and just being there is a good and welcomed distraction. Life is always a lesson….and I am always learing.

Still knitting on my Line Break and am 95% done. And just in time because the weather is gettting slightly cooler, which I love…Break out the sweaters and sweatshirts.

I am off to bed. Hope your day is wonderful!



Qiviut and Meg….

Today is Monday, oh heck, I mean Tuesday. Those Monday holidays always mess me up. Lots going on, not all knitting related.

My parents are back home in Massachusetts and mom was mailing the Qiviut today…insured!! I am trembling with anticipation. I have had so many offers from fellow knitters to fondle it. Might have to start charging! I still can’t get over that IT was all she could find. I am sure that the Yarn Harlot could have pointed her in another direction, but lucky for me, nobody did. Pictures as soon as I pry it out of the hands of the mailman!!!

My friend Meg is en route from the airport to our house. She has been working in the Middle East for the last year and I am excited to see her! We will have some quality time together chatting and knitting.

There is always a ton of prep work to do when company comes. I loved it when my hubby came home and asked if any of the bathrooms needed to be cleaned??? Um, yes, all weekend they all needed to be cleaned, and I hit them all and proceeded to tell him that with just the right amount of sarcasm. Nobody seems to know how to “swish” the toilet. Really, it’s not difficult. I am sure that there might even be a tutorial on YouTube….!!

One of my guilty indulgences, yes, there are quite a few, but this one is the oldest. I am a fan of General Hospital and have been since Junior High and one of my most lusted after actors is leaving….Steven Burton….aka Jason Morgan! I am pretty upset about the whole thing. I mean this made the news, which I never watch, so I am now following the entire Port Charles gang on Twitter. This has been another of my downfalls….TWITTER! Great for business and making new friends, bad that I can now kind of cyber stalk Steve Burton. He is even coming to MD and I am dyeing to ask my hubby to take me, but that seems kinda weird, but I am tempted!! How do I know that he’s coming to MD…TWITTER!!!!

It’s just a crazy cyber world out there!! I never understood Twitter, but now I do and I am completely addicted!! Thanks a bunch iPhone!  😉

I am still knitting on my Line Break, but I am completely distracted by Carson by the talented Rosemary (Romi) Hill. I have bought the pattern and am definitely going to dye something special for myself. What a treat, to actually dye something just for me!

More later, I am going to try to knit a bit before company arrives.

Stay tuned for the pictures of the precious yarn……!