One word…..Qiviut!!!

Oh my is all I can muster about Qiviut! It has been on my “if I ever hit it rich” list.  Frankly, out of reach until this evening. Here is the story….

My parents are on vacation in Canada and having a wonderful time. I checked in my them the other day and asked my mom if there were any yarn shop near where they are and if so, could she run and in snag me something. I told her I would cruise the web to see what was near them in Banff, Alberta.  I never really had time to get on the internet to pursue it and figured that I would touch base with them tonight. So I get my mom on the phone and she tells me that they are staying at a fancy hotel and there is yarn in a shop off the lobby. I am thinking I like the way Canadians think and that American hotels should take notice. So I ask her what they had and then she says the words I never thought I would hear QIVIUT…!!  fact that she says, all they have is Qiviut makes my knees week. She has no idea.  I was completely speechless and asked mom to please repeat what she said. And then she ask if I want any….Oh hell yeah!!!

So I call the shop in the hotel and there was a little language barrier and the salesperson kept telling me to come see it and I kept repeating I am in the US, my parents are there. So I do some quick research and ask mom to pick me up a skein with some merino and silk in it and I will make a scarf. I told mom to pick something out that she thinks I will like as long as it is in fingering weight.  I feel a bit faint at the prospect of a skein coming my way. I also told mom it was good for me to have a memento of their trip…..!  Sheepish grin on my end!!

Here is a little information about this rare, rare gem.

Eight times warmer than wool and finer than cashmere, qiviut is hypoallergenic and will not shrink. Extremely rare, it is one of the most luxurious fibers you can choose for a garment. In contrast to wool, qiviut is soft, non-irritating to the skin, and is very durable. Qiviut garments are worn for years and can be hand washed in mild detergent. It does not shed, is odorless and retains warmth even when wet. It is an extremely warm, yet lightweight fiber that preserves heat in the winter, while also providing cool, breathable comfort in warmer weather.

I must get back to some knitting, but I had to share that news with you. Yay me! Today has turned out quite awesome!

Happy Knitting!




2 responses to “One word…..Qiviut!!!

  1. Oh jealous…. I wonder if I can send my mother to Canada.


  2. I am so jealous – I want some! No, I want a lot!


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