This week….

This week I am trying to spend the last remaining summer vacation days doing fun things with Bryce. Today he wanted to have “pajama day” and since the car was back in the shop for the repairs that were waiting on parts, I figured it was fine.  Hard to believe that he is going into 4th grade, time sure does fly.

He told us at dinner that he wanted to raise money during the school year for cancer. His goal is $1,000….quite a character my child. Just when you think he can’t make you any crazier, he says something like that. I see a future for him on Wall Street or working for a Non-Profit.

Now with all the car repairs behind me and our checking account limping along, I really need to get back to the dye pots. I promised to do no dyeing this week, which allows for alot of knitting.

I blocked Bryce’s 3rd grade teachers Color Affection and I will take pictures of it tomorrow.  We delivered it on Thursday when we met his 4th grade teacher.

Now I am trying to make my hubby’s birthday nice and he has suddenly decided that driving ME around seems like a fun family activity. I have news for him, I get zero pleasure driving around doing nothing. His birthday is tomorrow, there is no gift and no cake and I have to work. Oh well! I am sure I will figure something out.

I hope you all have a great day!


One response to “This week….

  1. The shawl is lovely! Love the color combo!


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