Should have read further….

I have been taking a wee break from dyeing and actually getting a bit of knitting done and the obligatory housework.

While at The Mannings, I found 2 patterns from Chruchmouse Yarns and Tea that I had been really wanting, so I bought them and some Kiogu to make one of them with. When I finally sat down to look at the pattern in more detail, I realized that the cast-on consisted of casting on 430 stitchs for one patterns and 640 for the other….the words that followed were not pretty or ladylike. I put those patterns aside for another day. A friends did remind me that it was really only casting on 10 stitches 40 times….!!

Here is my Line Break…love the color, love the fabric, love the yarn, it’s just a big love fest!!!

Line Break

The truck is still in the shop and I am relying on the kindness of friends to get me to work and then home.

I am off to get ready for work. Have a happy day!






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