Hello from beautiful Cape Cod!!! We seemed to have brought the heat and humidity with us. But we are enjoying the ocean breezes and the beach to the best of our ability.

I hit most of my favorite haunts here on the Cape. Talbots was having a great sale and I always enjoy browsing TJ Maxx and Marshall’s.

I haven’t hit any yarn stores as of yet….there is still time if I feel so moved. I have been knitting a bit, here and there, no signigicant amouts to brag about. It’s really just about the vacation and spending some precious time with my son.

We had a moment some time during the night last night. Yes, he’s sleeping with me and he had a bad dream and punched me in the face. Holy crap. scared the crap out of me. No black eye, just a sore cheek.

I’m just checking in so you know that I am alive and well and still on vacation!!

I’ll be back next week!!

Happy Knitting and stay cool!!!


One response to “Summertime….

  1. Wish I were there! Enjoy!


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