It’s my party….

Today was my birthday! As a mom myself, I feel that this day is more significant for the person who labored through it. Hubby took the day off and shuttled Bryce to and from camp. We ended the day with a great dinner together and cake, of course!

My birthday gifts this year were awesome, one from my best friend and one from my hubby…..Gift Certificates to Signature Needle Arts. I promptly placed my order and treated myself to a monogram on each. Both needles are circulars and I decided that I needed another Size 6, stiletto 40″ and Size 5, Stiletto 40″….I think I meant to order a Size 7 and not the 5….might have to call them in the morning. Might have been a bit too giddy about this gift.  ;-p

I placed an even bigger order with my supplier…sounds really bad doesn’t it. The people with the wool to be exact!! When I get home from vacation, here it will be waiting for me. There are going to be a lot of boxes….

I have so much to do to get ready for vacation, list, laundry, more laundry. I can’t wait to sit on the beach at the end of the day and watch my sun play in the ocean and my butt in a chair listening to the sound of the waves. I must say, this is what I miss the most. The sounds and smell of the ocean….so peaceful.

I will try to keep in touch, but I can’t promise. I am really going to try and stay “unplugged” as much as possible. You can always follow me on Twitter…I am getting quite addicted to that. If you Tweet, follow The Yankee Dyer for up to the minute “splashes” about what we are up to on Cape Cod.

I promised myself I would be in bed by 11:00 pm tonight and for the rest of the week because the 2:00 am nights are kicking my behind.

I am still knitting on the Poncho and I love the feel of the Rowan Felted Tweed. This poncho will be lightweight, but warm. I’ll take a picture of my s l o w progress, but progress non the less.

I leave you with a flower from my garden! It makes me happy! I hope it makes you happy as well.

She's a beauty!


Happy knitting!






One response to “It’s my party….

  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!


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