Crazy and Hot….

Imagine sitting in a living room with a fan blowing on you, but the air that is blowing around is about 85 degrees and you are trying to knit and you have a fair amount of wool in your lap….it was really slightly yucky.

Day 2 of attempting to stay physically cool as well as emotionally cool, I decided to start texting friends to see who might be willing to share some water with me, in short, I was in need of a shower so I could go to work where there was A/C.

My friend Katharine came to my rescue and I felt like a million dollars when I left her house and headed into work. Hubby called to say that it was 92 upstairs and 87 on the first floor. I dreaded another night of sleeping on the couch. My friend Tracy invited us, pooch and all, to her house and we too her up on her offer and boy was I thankful that we did. I came home to throw some things in a bag and the air was so think I could barely breathe.

So, off we all went. Kyle felt like a new man with a shower and frankly, looked like one too. He had to go back to the house to deal with the generator that was keeping all our food safe. I was thrilled when he called and said that we had electricity, but to stay where we were because it would take all night for the house to cool down.

So, now things are back to normal. Well, define normal. I am prepping for my launch party on the 4th and trying to keep the child happy.

I will have some pictures tomorrow.

Happy and Cool Knitting!



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