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I’m back……

Hello from home,

It’s been a while and I am sorry. As soon as we returned from vacation, some of my family arrived and hubby is still gone and the computer would have had to be wrestled away from my son. Frankly, I’ve had enough from him. School can’t start soon enough.

I’m still knitting on my poncho, but progress is SLOW. I decided to knit a shawl during the Olympics. I think I will do Line Break.

Sorry, no pictures, son messed up the laptop again!! I solved that problem by purchasing my very own laptop. I have been too busy to take it out of the box…maybe tonight.

When I write again we will have pictures and links and I will be much happier!

Happy Knitting!!



Hello from beautiful Cape Cod!!! We seemed to have brought the heat and humidity with us. But we are enjoying the ocean breezes and the beach to the best of our ability.

I hit most of my favorite haunts here on the Cape. Talbots was having a great sale and I always enjoy browsing TJ Maxx and Marshall’s.

I haven’t hit any yarn stores as of yet….there is still time if I feel so moved. I have been knitting a bit, here and there, no signigicant amouts to brag about. It’s really just about the vacation and spending some precious time with my son.

We had a moment some time during the night last night. Yes, he’s sleeping with me and he had a bad dream and punched me in the face. Holy crap. scared the crap out of me. No black eye, just a sore cheek.

I’m just checking in so you know that I am alive and well and still on vacation!!

I’ll be back next week!!

Happy Knitting and stay cool!!!

It’s my party….

Today was my birthday! As a mom myself, I feel that this day is more significant for the person who labored through it. Hubby took the day off and shuttled Bryce to and from camp. We ended the day with a great dinner together and cake, of course!

My birthday gifts this year were awesome, one from my best friend and one from my hubby…..Gift Certificates to Signature Needle Arts. I promptly placed my order and treated myself to a monogram on each. Both needles are circulars and I decided that I needed another Size 6, stiletto 40″ and Size 5, Stiletto 40″….I think I meant to order a Size 7 and not the 5….might have to call them in the morning. Might have been a bit too giddy about this gift.  ;-p

I placed an even bigger order with my supplier…sounds really bad doesn’t it. The people with the wool to be exact!! When I get home from vacation, here it will be waiting for me. There are going to be a lot of boxes….

I have so much to do to get ready for vacation, list, laundry, more laundry. I can’t wait to sit on the beach at the end of the day and watch my sun play in the ocean and my butt in a chair listening to the sound of the waves. I must say, this is what I miss the most. The sounds and smell of the ocean….so peaceful.

I will try to keep in touch, but I can’t promise. I am really going to try and stay “unplugged” as much as possible. You can always follow me on Twitter…I am getting quite addicted to that. If you Tweet, follow The Yankee Dyer for up to the minute “splashes” about what we are up to on Cape Cod.

I promised myself I would be in bed by 11:00 pm tonight and for the rest of the week because the 2:00 am nights are kicking my behind.

I am still knitting on the Poncho and I love the feel of the Rowan Felted Tweed. This poncho will be lightweight, but warm. I’ll take a picture of my s l o w progress, but progress non the less.

I leave you with a flower from my garden! It makes me happy! I hope it makes you happy as well.

She's a beauty!


Happy knitting!





One week….

I am sitting here trying to figure out this lace pattern on a new shawl patterns and I and the pattern are not at peace with each other, so we are in a time out.

I have resumed knitting on my poncho and am searching through Ravelry for something that might speak to me. Holden has been on my list for quite a while and if I do it in my yarn in the Coastal color it would be positively smashing. Doing a lace project requires quiet, lots of quiet and there is a total lack of that around here at the moment.

A week from today I will be on vacation!! I can’t wait….Cape Cod here we come. My mom already booked me a message which I am really looking forward to. I will of course hit a couple of my favorite yarn shop and retail establishments. Bryce and I will go to Martha’s Vineyard for the day and I hope to get to P’town. We shall see.

I have a lot to squeeze in this week. I have to order more dye, order more fiber so it is here when I get back and schlep the child to cartoon camp every morning. How many more days until school starts? That really is the most wonderful time of the year!!

The weather has been horrific here. Hotter than hell pretty much fits at this point. Tomorrow has potential for severe storms….what else is new. In the summer, I do miss the calm weather of New England and can’t wait to go back and enjoy the oceans breeze.

I am off to work on my poncho and to contemplate a different shawl.

Happy Knitting!



Pure Joy….

It was a Yankee Doodle kind of week here.

The Yankee Dyer launch party went off without a hitch, finally!! I had such a wonderful time and it was fun to see everyone make sort of a mad dash to the yarn. That gave me joy, pure joy!

My dear friend Sandy made this gorgeous shawl called Alexandra.  She used Yankee Pride in the Butter colorway and it is a real show stopper. You be the judge….

Sandy’s Alexandra

I gently laid it on the grass, but here is the money shot…

So beautiful!

I can’t thank her enough for knitting this beauty and for using my yarn! I hope she thinks of me whenever she wears it. Which won’t be any time soon, we are melting down here!!

These are my Knockout Roses and they just make me happy!! We can all use a little happy in our life!

Stay cool friends and keep on knitting despite the heat!!



My friend Betsy was the first customer of The Yankee Dyer and she surprised my by making this fabulous shawl using my yarn. And she lent it to me for my open house, which looks like will actually take place. Here’s a picture.

It is not the best photo, but you get the drift. To me it has a bit of a Southwest feel going on without screaming, I bought this at a Trading Post. In real life, this yarn, Yankee Pride, knits into a buttery softness that you totally want to cozy up to.

Thank you Betsy for being “First Dibs” and for making this lovely shawl and for letting me show it at the open house tomorrow.

I have lots to do and the clock is ticking….

Happy Knitting Everyone!


Crazy and Hot….

Imagine sitting in a living room with a fan blowing on you, but the air that is blowing around is about 85 degrees and you are trying to knit and you have a fair amount of wool in your lap….it was really slightly yucky.

Day 2 of attempting to stay physically cool as well as emotionally cool, I decided to start texting friends to see who might be willing to share some water with me, in short, I was in need of a shower so I could go to work where there was A/C.

My friend Katharine came to my rescue and I felt like a million dollars when I left her house and headed into work. Hubby called to say that it was 92 upstairs and 87 on the first floor. I dreaded another night of sleeping on the couch. My friend Tracy invited us, pooch and all, to her house and we too her up on her offer and boy was I thankful that we did. I came home to throw some things in a bag and the air was so think I could barely breathe.

So, off we all went. Kyle felt like a new man with a shower and frankly, looked like one too. He had to go back to the house to deal with the generator that was keeping all our food safe. I was thrilled when he called and said that we had electricity, but to stay where we were because it would take all night for the house to cool down.

So, now things are back to normal. Well, define normal. I am prepping for my launch party on the 4th and trying to keep the child happy.

I will have some pictures tomorrow.

Happy and Cool Knitting!