Mother Nature and all her Fury….

Today was a very special day for me. It was to be the launch party for The Yankee Dyer, but mother nature had other plans.

My Dad, who lives on Cape Cod, MA called to warn me about some serious weather heading our way and I must confess, I had been so busy with party prep that I hadn’t heard a thing. Bryce was watching something on the DVR, so no local news was reaching us. My poor husband was about 50 miles away at a retirement dinner. We live in Southern Maryland…

So after the heads up from Dad, I fired up the iPad and saw indeed a line of storms. I quickly put Bryce to bed, because he always thinks there is going to be a tornado and I couldn’t deal with him freaking out.

I had just finished up in the kitchen and finally sat down for a few moments when all hell broke loose. It was worse than the hurricane that blew through last year. It tore down our shed and flipped my son’s swing set. I have to admit I was pretty frightened. We lost power immediately.

Meanwhile, hubby is driving in it and he came home and he was as white as a ghost. We are all safe and sound, but the party needed to be postponed until July 4th. Nothing like a Yankee Dyer party on the 4th of July…seems fitting!

I am most grateful for our generator that is saving the $300 worth of food in both my refrigerators! So since we have no power and no water and no A/C, things are going to get hot and stinky around here pretty quick. Sounds like a day to sit still and knit! And that is what I will do.

I am working on the Easy Folded Poncho now. A nice, easy stockinette pattern…mindless, but going to be oh so cute.

Stay cool and keep on knitting!



One response to “Mother Nature and all her Fury….

  1. Now I get to come to the party – I am so glad! Sure do hope power is back on by then!


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