Beyond random, but slightly amusing….

I promise that I have not forgotten you! My intentions are always the best. The “wonderful time with my son” lasted 1.75 days…then the attitude kicked in.

During the day I think of things to share with you that are interesting or amusing and sometimes I jot them down on paper, but most of the time I forget. I even forget why I thought it was funny or amusing….sad, right?

I should tell you that my hubby and I are COMPLETE POLAR opposites. I am a night owl and he is a morning person and Bryce. well, most of the time he is in the way as only 9-year-old boys can be. For instance, they both get up before me on the weekend, not by much, but I stay in bed for as long as humanly possible. This morning my DH must have been up early because as soon as he heard my feet hit the floor he was at the bottom of the stairs waiting for me with a LIST that he needed to go over with me immediately!!  This was before COFFEE!!!  Nobody should talk to me about anything before my morning beverage. I immediately became grumpy and that was how my day started today.

Starting  company has been a challenge!! I am all about the dyeing and being creative. Hubby likes all the PR and other detailed stuff.  Frankly, it’s quite an undertaking, but well worth it.

Here is what I have been up to….

and this….

I have our big launch party on the 30th of this month and I have a whole lot of planning to do.

I think that I will knit for a bit first….

Happy Knitting!!


One response to “Beyond random, but slightly amusing….

  1. Love reading your blog & enjoy viewing the uniquely dyed yarns.
    Beatiful work!!


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