School’s Out for Summer….

Let it begin!

Bryce and I started our summer time together today with a lazy day. We both slept in and were in our pajamas until noon. After lunch, he wanted to go to the bank and I needed a few things at the grocery store.

After the bank trip, where he deposited money and cashed a birthday check he turns to me and ask, ever so sweetly, “can I treat you to an iced coffee Mom”? Gosh it was sweet and I did take him up on that and we had a lovely afternoon. Now mind you, this is DAY 1 of summer vacation, our routine is still new and I doubt that this sweet child will remain this way all summer, so I sucked the life out of this moment just to make the feelings last.   😉

Once home, he even helped with the bags. I immediately checked him for a fever. A mom can only take so much joy in ONE afternoon before we think….something is very wrong!! But, no, just being sweet.

I did not finish his most wonderful teacher’s shawl, I am so close, but I tripped and fell yesterday over a computer power cord and I hurt all over. I did send her an email and asked if I might obtain her actual address, which I promised I would shred once I mailed the shawl and she happily gave it to me. That took a ton of pressure off me and my very sore self.

I am proud to report that my little man made the Honor Roll and I couldn’t have been happier for him. He has worked so very hard this year and it was evident in his grades, so we took him out to dinner.

Thank goodness he’s a cutie!

Happy Knitting!


2 responses to “School’s Out for Summer….

  1. So happy for all of you that Bryce had a great year! He is so cute and growing so fast. We have to see you guys this summer! I am sure your summer with Bryce will be wonderful : )


  2. Sounds like the perfect way to spend the first day of summer vaca! Can’t wait to see Bryce – I know he’s grown since we last saw him.


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