The weekend catch up….

It was a wonderful birthday weekend for my son Bryce, who turned 9 on the 3rd of June. We had an action packed weekend and I got to bake a cake and 24 cupcakes for his class to enjoy on Monday.

I had to share this with you because it is just so precious and funny at the same time. Bryce has a “blankie” and I was able to take it outside and take a picture of its current state. This blanket is also 9….do you think it looks 9..?

Can you say tatters? My sweet Aunt Sandy crocheted this blanket for Bryce and it was a baby shower gift. As an infant, he would always kick his feet and flip his blanket over his face and I was convinced that he was going to die. Auntie’s blanket was crocheted, so I thought he might survive possible suffocation if I gave him this one. He loves it beyond reason and to this day, still sleeps with it. My mom, his Nana had repaired this many, many times. There are days that he wears it around the house and it looks like he’s wearing a shawlette….I always get a giggle from that.

I just had to share…! I classify this as an extremely delicate hand wash.

I had a great dyeing session yesterday and when it’s dry I’ll take some pictures.

I have lots to do since school is winding down!

Have a great day and happy knitting!!


2 responses to “The weekend catch up….

  1. Oh my goodness! I can’t believe you still have that blanket. It is a joy to think it has provided Bryce a measure of comfort and pleasure all these years,,,,,,,sorry for the stress and cleaning issues it has brought you, mom. Love your site!


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