Oh nuts….

I had hoped that today would be a day of rest, but that was not how it turned out. I woke up and my face was killing me….literally. Then I bent over to pick up something and just about cried…..! I know these symptoms…..SINUS INFECTION! I called the MD ASAP and off I went. I felt so bad I could barely drive.

DH was kind enough to pick up my antibiotics on his way home.

I have been working like a crazy person this past weekend at the yarn shop. Big sale brought in lots and lots of people. It was fun watching what everyone was buying and helping them with pattern ideas as they made their way through the shop.

I am finally on the third color of Bryce’s teachers Color Affection and I decided that the third color just didn’t work. I started to look around at the stash and there is was, a skein of a really dark plum that I think will look amazing. What so you think?

I think that the plum will make the whole thing pop! Crossing my finger and toes at this point. I have about a week to finish this.

Tomorrow I will have a BIG announcement!!

You won’t want to miss it!!


One response to “Oh nuts….

  1. LOVE the plum….great choice.


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