Lost its charm….

It seems that the grocery store has lost its charm for me. All of you reading are most likely saying, that this happened to you along time ago.  I use to love the grocery store, but nothing there is speaking to me anymore.  I am tired of thinking up new things to cook.

On the way home I stopped to get a little refreshment….

Everything does seem to run better on Dunkin!

After I put all the food away, I sat down on the couch with her…..

And now I am going to work on this for a bit…..

If the May flies weren’t so bad, it would be a lovely day to sit outside.

I’m off to enjoy some quiet time with myself!

Happy Knitting!


2 responses to “Lost its charm….

  1. Oh I am right there with you about grocery stores! We are trying to run on a tight budget and that requires going to several different stores for the bargins (yes, I know that wastes gas, but we have it figured out that we save in groceries more than we spend in gas- (AT THIS TIME).

    How is that new DD drink? (or is that just iced coffee?) I want one with the shot of expresso (did you have that?). Oh yes, EVERYTHING runs better on DD! Knitting too!

    I want to join you outside – we will put on some bug spray and just knit the day away. I will be right there!


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