Crunch time….

Yikes, where do the days go, never mind the month! I looked at my calendar and did a little freak out. I am on a serious knitting deadline for Bryce’s teachers gift and I decided to dedicate most of today as my mental health knitting day.

I am making good progress despite distracting myself with laundry, baking and all the other things that I have put on hold while I pour so much of myself into my new business. I have found it a bit difficult to divide my time accordingly, and I am sure that I will get better with my time management as things progress.

I love the colors in this shawl and I really think that these are so his teacher’s colors and it gives me great joy to make this for her.

I am really trying to love my iPhone, but we kind of have a love/hate thing going right now. I really haven’t had time to play and or tweak it, hence, the hate part. We will be friends soon I think1

I am off to finish this row, bake some cookies, finish the laundry and start dinner…..details….and get dressed!   😉

Happy Knitting!


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