There was a moment….

Today the weather was beautiful here. The perfect weather for a Farmer’s Market.

I met someone today, a total stranger she and I, and yet we had this moment that was the highlight of my day. This wonderful woman and her daughter were at the Market today and she was looking at my fresh from the pot colors. I had a picture of the now infamous Color Affection and she seemed interested. So we played with some combinations and we found one that spoke to her on a very personal level. One of me new colorways is called T.E.A.L, it stands for TAKE EARLY ACTION AND LIVE for  Ovarian Cancer awareness and survivors like my mom and this lovely lady. The proceeds of this colorway will be donated to Ovarian Cancer Research so that all the great work continues. This was such a moment, that after she left, I found her amongst the crowd and gave her a hug and asked her to keep in touch.

It really was just a lovely day…!

Happy Knitting!!


2 responses to “There was a moment….

  1. Memorable indeed!!


  2. What a great connection! And you made her day as well!


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