In the name of technology….

It started off as a wonderful day in the neighborhood, until it wasn’t. I had a list a mile long of things to do and it was split half and half of what needed to be done at home and the other half away from the house. I left the house when I said that I would, but then something happened, something bad, my cell phone croaked. I knew this was coming, I was just hoping to postpone the inevitable….no such luck.

So, I climbed into the car and was amazed at how freaked out I was that my phone was dead. Addicted to being connected, I suspect that this is the case.

I stopped at PetCo, because the dog and cat were starting to look at me funny and they need to eat too, and noticed that there was a Verizon store two stores down. I headed in holding the croaked phone and hope that I won’t have to sell a body part to get a new one. I look around and I am drawn to the ones with the bigger screens, but the price tags were bigger to match their screens! The nice guy did some CPR to my phone so I could get my husbands work phone number…no, I don’t know it, it’s on my phone…EVERYTHING was on my phone!!! So I let the guys talk and I am waiting for the verdict.  I was very happy with my hubby, and I actually did the HAPPY DANCE in the Verizon store!! Gosh, I hope I am not on any security camera, damn, that just occurred to me. Who cares, I got a iPhone!!!! I did not get the one that talks back, I already have people in my life that give me grief, I sure as hell don’t need a phone to talk back!

So, I finished my errands, which included food shopping because the people here like to eat too! And then I heated the pots and went to town dyeing.

I will find that elusive camera and take some photo’s tomorrow. Wait, I have a camera with my iPhone, maybe I can figure that out. More tomorrow…..

Happy Knitting!



One response to “In the name of technology….

  1. I recommend spending 99 cents for the “Camera +” app for iPhone. It is listed in the Top 10 apps and is easy to find. The built-in camera on the iPhone is good, but this turns it up to 11. All of the photos on my Facebook page are shot using this app, and it makes uploading them easier too. It is super easy to use and really fun.


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