Wacky Wednesday…..

Due to unexpected work travel for my hubby, there is no knitting night for me. This is one night I really wanted to get out of the house. Hopefully Bryce will go to bed at a decent hour. He has just about plucked my last nerve!

I decided to play with some color today. I had a skein hanging around and I decided to play. Hubby has the camera with him, so there are no pictures. It is still drying anyway.

I am trying to decide on the colors for Bryce’s teachers Color Affection. I came up with some other combinations since my last posting. It’s definitely the pink as the main color. Contrast 1 could be grey or green with the blue following. I figure I will just start knitting the pink portion and figure out the rest later. Thanks for your comments as to which ones you liked.

I feel like I missed something at Maryland Sheep and Wool. It all went by too fast.  I have been drooling over all the pictures on Ravelry that people have taken. I am amazed that so many people buy roving and spin. I would love to try it sometime, it looks amazing and I am into things that are amazing.

I am off to make the house look tidy….yeah right, I think I will knit!

Happy Knitting!



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