So twisted…..

You are never, ever going to believe what I did yesterday afternoon while hanging with my sick child. I went through my stash and put together a drop dead gorgeous Color Affection for my sons teacher, who I happen to adore. She is really something special and this shawl will be something very special.

While at Sheep and Wool, I picked up 2 skeins of Miss Babs Yummy Sock yarn and last year I did the same thing…! So I went searching for them and they are so his teachers colors…AND MINE!!!! So I immediately needed this shawl in this color too….you see how sick and twisted this is, right?

I thought, yes, I really do adore her, but I also adore this combination too. What a pickle I had. So, I picked up the laptop and searched Ravelry and found all three (3) colors and viola, I have enough to make one for both of us. Honestly, what the heck did we do without Ravelry?? Cry in our knitting perhaps?

You all have those beautiful skeins that are just so pretty that maybe you never knit with them. You have the thoughts, but maybe they are irreplaceable and that would be unbearable. I apparently suffer from this knitting disease.

Here are the colors! Do they speak to you and make you swoon? Which one is your favorite?color choice E

Okay, so which color combination do you like best?? I would love to hear what you think?

Happy Knitting!


3 responses to “So twisted…..

  1. I prefer the first one as it has more versatility!
    How is the little Guy?


  2. I vote for pink green and blue. I really have to check this facination with that shawl! I am not a shawl person at all!


  3. I like the one with the gray in the first picture. A great idea for a teacher’s gift – she will love it!


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