It was a precious moment…..

Today did not go as planned, but I was mentally preparing for it. Bryce has had a low grade fever all weekend and true to form, he woke up with pain in his ear. I dolled out some Tylenol and got to stay in bed a wee bit longer.

So after my coffee, I called the doctor and off we went. I did manage to get some of my errands and my own MD appointment on the way, so that was good.

We were on our way out of the post office and that is where the precious moment happened. My almost 9 year old held my hand!! My heart melted in that moment. It has been quite sometime since this has occurred. It was truly precious and I won’t tell anyone, but it beats any Mother’s Day gift anyone could ever give me.

I’ll admit, I kinda like it when he’s not well, he’s extra sweet and has less of the “attitude thing” going on….

I can’t wait for him to go to bed so I can knit for a bit!

Happy Knitting!


One response to “It was a precious moment…..

  1. It is the precious moment that is so redeeming!!


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