I’m Baaaa..ck!

Ah, Sheep and Wool….it’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!! This is how my day started at home. I took this as a really good sign.

I had a feeling it might be a double yolk….

This guy was extremely vocal and a real sweetie! As was this one…

Could somebody cut my bangs please.

So you might be wondering what I came home with. I really, really wanted a sheep. But it was not to be.

My haul included a beautiful case for my circular needles from Crippen Works, a couple of skeins of my favorite Miss Babs, a skein of Skinny Bugga from Cephalopod Yarns, and a bunch of dyes and supplies from Earth Guild, which really excited me. I was even able to find some 1/2 off….squeak with excitement. I also got some fantastic soap and body butter that I love so much, I wish I could go back tomorrow for more.

It was a tad toasty today, so I was slathered in sunscreen which makes all the dust and dirt stick to you like velcro. I couldn’t wait for a shower when I got home.

Here is a picture of the four of us, myself, Phyllis, Sue and Angie with the MDSW sign. Great times, great memories and best of all great friends.

Myself, Phyllis, Sue and Angie

More tomorrow as I have been up since 4:30 am and I have to work tomorrow.

Happy Knitting to you all!


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