Maryland Sheep and Wool …..

I write this at 5:07 am as I prepare for Sheep and Wool. It’s dark and I am exhausted, but as soon as you see all that beauty in one area, you perk up like nobodies business.

I am taking the camera, so there will be pictures.

I  have my list, it’s a lot shorter last year, but that’s okay.

I will see you later this evening!

Happy Knitting!


3 responses to “Maryland Sheep and Wool …..

  1. Wish I was there – 5am or not! But alas, here I sit in my kitchening reading blogs, having coffee and knitting a little until the house wakes up. Enjoy and fill a bag for me!!!!!


  2. Enjoy to your heart’s content!


  3. Hope it was a blast and that you didn’t die of the humidity!


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