What a week….

I am so glad that last week is behind me. Between work, and dyeing and life in general, it was just totally crazy. Lots of long days and late nights.

I had the satisfaction of finishing my Color Affection shawl. There is no better feeling than that fresh off the needles feeling…..pure glee! It is also a great stash busting project. Maybe you already have 3 great colors right in front of you? I see another on my needles soon.   🙂

I picked up some of Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy in a light blue and I am going to make a summer shawl called Summer Flies. It will be perfect in the Hempathy.

The picture isn’t great, but it is a lovely blue.

It seems that I hit some sort of knitting road block when I finish a project. I have noticed that this happens after every project. I am sure that I ran myself into the ground last week and I am just tired. I must admit that the pup and I had a nap yesterday and it was wonderful to just give in to the exhaustion.

Have a great day and happy knitting!




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