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Oh nuts….

I had hoped that today would be a day of rest, but that was not how it turned out. I woke up and my face was killing me….literally. Then I bent over to pick up something and just about cried…..! I know these symptoms…..SINUS INFECTION! I called the MD ASAP and off I went. I felt so bad I could barely drive.

DH was kind enough to pick up my antibiotics on his way home.

I have been working like a crazy person this past weekend at the yarn shop. Big sale brought in lots and lots of people. It was fun watching what everyone was buying and helping them with pattern ideas as they made their way through the shop.

I am finally on the third color of Bryce’s teachers Color Affection and I decided that the third color just didn’t work. I started to look around at the stash and there is was, a skein of a really dark plum that I think will look amazing. What so you think?

I think that the plum will make the whole thing pop! Crossing my finger and toes at this point. I have about a week to finish this.

Tomorrow I will have a BIG announcement!!

You won’t want to miss it!!



Whew, Sunday already, time flies while working in a yarn shop during a massive sale. To say that I am tired would be an understatement.

Some of you might find this little “story” amusing.  You know I now have the iPhone and we have an iPad as well. I am loving the iPhone now, we had to get to know each other better, but we are good. I am going to say again, that I am really tired. So my husband tells me that the gadgets can talk to each other. I think okay, that seems plausible. I have some great photos on my phone that I wanted to transfer to my iPad so I could upload them to Ravelry, so I began hitting some buttons and waiting and nothing happened. So then I put them side by side and thought they might need to be closer, still nothing! I then decide at 11:00pm, that maybe they need to face each other and this is when my husband walks in and looks at me like I am some sort of boob! He asked me what I was attempting to do and I stated, well, I am trying to get my pictures from here to there and you said they talked to each other, so I thought they might need to face each other to do that, but still nothing. I still see no problem with this scenario, except that I am not getting any results. Hubby steps out of the room to laugh and then gives me a cord and says, if you plug the phone into the iPad, you might get better results and then left the room laughing so hard……says it’s the best laugh he’s had all year! You all can picture what went down, right? My kid can operate this stuff better than me and NO, I did not think a cord was necessary……details!!

I have a new favorite pattern that I have been blabbing to anyone who will listen and frankly, it has turned into a future KAL. It is called the Easy Folded Poncho by Churchmouse Yarns and we are doing it in the Rowan Felted Tweed, which was 40% off this weekend at Crazy for Ewe. I was so enthralled, that I bought it in 2 colorways, eggplant and teal.

I just love it!! And the Rowan Felted Tweed makes a beautiful light, but warm fabric, perfect for the car. I know that is warm out now, but this will be my go to garment for the Fall!

Happy Memorial Day and Happy Knitting!

Lost its charm….

It seems that the grocery store has lost its charm for me. All of you reading are most likely saying, that this happened to you along time ago.  I use to love the grocery store, but nothing there is speaking to me anymore.  I am tired of thinking up new things to cook.

On the way home I stopped to get a little refreshment….

Everything does seem to run better on Dunkin!

After I put all the food away, I sat down on the couch with her…..

And now I am going to work on this for a bit…..

If the May flies weren’t so bad, it would be a lovely day to sit outside.

I’m off to enjoy some quiet time with myself!

Happy Knitting!

Been so busy…

Meet Onyx, Oyster and Beach Plum, three of my new and beautiful colorways, if I do say so myself.

This dyeing this is so addictive and I just love it. Hubby has been busy snapping all the pictures. He’s my tech guy, so I will have to talk to him about proper yarn arranging, but this is okay for now….a sneak peak you might say.

I and the rest of the staff at Crazy for Ewe have been busy, busy, busy readying the store for the BIG SALE starting on FRIDAY! It’s going to be a wild weekend and you won’t hear from me as I am working Saturday through Monday.

In between, I will be knitting on Mrs. E’s shawl. I am making steady progress, but if the knitting elves helped, I’d be okay with that too.   😉

Happy Knitting!

Crunch time….

Yikes, where do the days go, never mind the month! I looked at my calendar and did a little freak out. I am on a serious knitting deadline for Bryce’s teachers gift and I decided to dedicate most of today as my mental health knitting day.

I am making good progress despite distracting myself with laundry, baking and all the other things that I have put on hold while I pour so much of myself into my new business. I have found it a bit difficult to divide my time accordingly, and I am sure that I will get better with my time management as things progress.

I love the colors in this shawl and I really think that these are so his teacher’s colors and it gives me great joy to make this for her.

I am really trying to love my iPhone, but we kind of have a love/hate thing going right now. I really haven’t had time to play and or tweak it, hence, the hate part. We will be friends soon I think1

I am off to finish this row, bake some cookies, finish the laundry and start dinner…..details….and get dressed!   😉

Happy Knitting!

There was a moment….

Today the weather was beautiful here. The perfect weather for a Farmer’s Market.

I met someone today, a total stranger she and I, and yet we had this moment that was the highlight of my day. This wonderful woman and her daughter were at the Market today and she was looking at my fresh from the pot colors. I had a picture of the now infamous Color Affection and she seemed interested. So we played with some combinations and we found one that spoke to her on a very personal level. One of me new colorways is called T.E.A.L, it stands for TAKE EARLY ACTION AND LIVE for  Ovarian Cancer awareness and survivors like my mom and this lovely lady. The proceeds of this colorway will be donated to Ovarian Cancer Research so that all the great work continues. This was such a moment, that after she left, I found her amongst the crowd and gave her a hug and asked her to keep in touch.

It really was just a lovely day…!

Happy Knitting!!

In the name of technology….

It started off as a wonderful day in the neighborhood, until it wasn’t. I had a list a mile long of things to do and it was split half and half of what needed to be done at home and the other half away from the house. I left the house when I said that I would, but then something happened, something bad, my cell phone croaked. I knew this was coming, I was just hoping to postpone the inevitable….no such luck.

So, I climbed into the car and was amazed at how freaked out I was that my phone was dead. Addicted to being connected, I suspect that this is the case.

I stopped at PetCo, because the dog and cat were starting to look at me funny and they need to eat too, and noticed that there was a Verizon store two stores down. I headed in holding the croaked phone and hope that I won’t have to sell a body part to get a new one. I look around and I am drawn to the ones with the bigger screens, but the price tags were bigger to match their screens! The nice guy did some CPR to my phone so I could get my husbands work phone number…no, I don’t know it, it’s on my phone…EVERYTHING was on my phone!!! So I let the guys talk and I am waiting for the verdict.  I was very happy with my hubby, and I actually did the HAPPY DANCE in the Verizon store!! Gosh, I hope I am not on any security camera, damn, that just occurred to me. Who cares, I got a iPhone!!!! I did not get the one that talks back, I already have people in my life that give me grief, I sure as hell don’t need a phone to talk back!

So, I finished my errands, which included food shopping because the people here like to eat too! And then I heated the pots and went to town dyeing.

I will find that elusive camera and take some photo’s tomorrow. Wait, I have a camera with my iPhone, maybe I can figure that out. More tomorrow…..

Happy Knitting!


Busy, busy, busy and totally random…

It been a couple of busy weeks and this one is no different.

Mother’s Day was that usual. I kept my expectations really, really low and I have found that to be a good zone to be in when this day approaches.

I have been dyeing like a woman possessed and am completely exhausted. Hopefully, it will pay off, literally.

I feel like a huge piece of chocolate cake and a cold glass of milk, of which I have neither.

I brain seems to be fried…..

I’ll be back when my brain clears.

Happy Knitting!



The process….

Everything has a process and sometimes the results of the process are good, and sometimes, very, very good. Here is the drying!

Checking out the colors.

I don’t know about you, but I love it!!

Happy Knitting!

Wacky Wednesday…..

Due to unexpected work travel for my hubby, there is no knitting night for me. This is one night I really wanted to get out of the house. Hopefully Bryce will go to bed at a decent hour. He has just about plucked my last nerve!

I decided to play with some color today. I had a skein hanging around and I decided to play. Hubby has the camera with him, so there are no pictures. It is still drying anyway.

I am trying to decide on the colors for Bryce’s teachers Color Affection. I came up with some other combinations since my last posting. It’s definitely the pink as the main color. Contrast 1 could be grey or green with the blue following. I figure I will just start knitting the pink portion and figure out the rest later. Thanks for your comments as to which ones you liked.

I feel like I missed something at Maryland Sheep and Wool. It all went by too fast.  I have been drooling over all the pictures on Ravelry that people have taken. I am amazed that so many people buy roving and spin. I would love to try it sometime, it looks amazing and I am into things that are amazing.

I am off to make the house look tidy….yeah right, I think I will knit!

Happy Knitting!