So Sorry….been busy!

I didn’t mean to be away so long, but I have been busy work and doing all that domestic stuff I am required to do and I have done this…..ta da!!

Yep, busy and this isn’t even all of it!

I also finished my beautiful Color Affection last night at 11:55 pm. I am blocking it right now and hope to wear it to small shawls tonight! I will have someone take a picture of me wearing it. I also have 3 colors right next to me for the next. So many colors, so many possibilities….I just love it!!

So, since I have been away for a while I will share some funny stories with you. I hope you enjoy them. Just for edification purposes, these are all TRUE!

On Tuesday, I had an appointment with my GYN for a follow-up. This was a MD I had never gone to before and the office had cancelled on me 5 times due to the fact that babies wanted to be born. I was getting annoyed, but I was hoping that appointment 6 would be my lucky number….it was. I finally get in there and we go over stuff and she begins her exam. For those of you who know me, you know my sense of humor.  So as I lay there feeling so exposed, the doctor says, “I read in you chart you had a baby, I say, yes, and she says, I see that you didn’t have him this way (the regular way), I say, no, he was a C-section”. Now mind you, I am laying there, vulnerable and I can’t even see the doctor because she is doing her thing. She then says that she can tell that I did not give birth this way and I then said, you know doctor, I just believe we should try to keep at least one of our body parts in its original condition…..then she started to laugh and so did I and then she thanked me for the laugh! At that moment, we bonded and I really like her.  🙂

Monday was dyeing day and the weather was miserable for drying, so into Tuesday we roll with the drying,  Wednesday is spent tending to the new yarn. Bryce has a half day and ask if he can help. reluctantly, I say sure because my arms, hands and shoulders were killing me. So I go about some other yarn related things and there he is by my side. I ask him, are you all done? His answer, no, I am taking a break, that is a beast on your arms. He needs better stamina training. Needless to say there have been many late nights here and none of them were knitting related. Here is a little tease of one of my lovelies.

Would you like some butta on that lobsta???

I hope that I have amused you in some way today. I promise not to be gone so long again.

Happy Knitting!



3 responses to “So Sorry….been busy!

  1. Wow Michelle – I am in awe! Your dying is to dye (ha ha) for!


  2. You make me laugh. Hope to see you Sunday!


  3. Okay, you are a master with colors! I love the some butta on your lobsta!!! Love the colors!!!!


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