Harshest Critic….

First, I did survive yesterday!

After everyone settled down and I relaxed and watched The Good Wife, I stayed up until 1:00 am prepping the yarn. Just in case I felt like dyeing in the morning.

I woke up feeling better and decided that I would dye yarn today. This feeling increased once I put my son on the bus.   😉

I thought that one of Bryce’s watercolors would be my inspiration for my coloring, but a couple of pansies changed my mind.

I was pretty cautious with the purple. Once you go really purple, you are committed. I was looking for subtle and striking hues and I got them. Not entirely sure they are repeatable….! Once you get rocking and rolling, you kind of forget to take notes, especially when you are adding some of this and some of that and SHAZAM….you have pretty yarn! At least each colorway has a mate or two! I need to be a bit more bold on the next run.

Hubby came home at dinner time with pizza, which scored some big points with me. Spending the whole day dyeing in the kitchen doesn’t make you want to deal with all the clean up from that and then prepare dinner.

Kyle asked if I had watered all of his greenery, which includes all his vegetable plants, 3 gardens and the grass. Bryce was in charge of some, but with his bug aversion, he proved not very helpful. I told Kyle I did the best I could, but it’s not my thing. I kept stuff alive on the porch and I was happy with that. To my credit, I told him I personally grew the almost 9-year-old person next to him, enough said!

I have the camera and I took pictures, but the cord is missing. As I walk around this house looking for it, there are just chargers for this and that everywhere!!! I will look for the missing component tomorrow, I am just too tired right now.

Happy Knitting!



2 responses to “Harshest Critic….

  1. Color of purple pansies sounds gorgeous. Love the comment about you growing your 9 year old son


  2. I can hardly wait to see pictures! Find that cable quick!


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