Okay, maybe not today….

I have tried to do several things today and none of them turned out right. I attempted to skein yarn this morning while Bryce was watching ESPN Sports Center…giggle and I couldn’t get 4 ozs. if my life depended on it. So, I walked away.

Since my parents and hubby are gone, son and dog have been constantly annoying me. If I hear Mommy one more time, I might lose my mind. The dog keeps looking at me and stealing things and I keep telling her, you are one thing short of ending up at the pound….not really…but you understand.

Took Bryce to BMX, where he placed 1st…okay, a good thing. But I put the sunscreen on him and not me….mistake.

Bryce is in charge of watering since Kyle isn’t here and that is fine except he is afraid of bugs and won’t turn the water on or off or anything, which means Mommy has to do it EVERY SINGLE TIME. You do see how one might lose her mind, don’t you!

Dinner time rolls around and I am again trying to skein yarn and sucking the big one, so again, I walk away saying some rather foul language. I tell Bryce it’s pancake night and he gets excited. Being the good mother, I grab the wonderful organic whole wheat blend pancake mix and heat up the griddle. Put dinner on the table where Bryce says, these aren’t great. I taste mine, no, no they aren’t and yes, I bet the box of Bisquick would have been better, but these are better for you. Even I didn’t care at that point!

Hanging my head and talking to myself, I head up stairs to get into my pajamas. I notice that there is water all over my bathroom floor….Bryce…..I clean it up and have a little cry. Sometime a little cry can fix things……or not!

I clean up the kitchen and make everything all tidy for the morning. I look at my calendar for the week and notice something that explains all of the above…..I am PMS’ing and that is why my world sucks the big one at the moment.

I will leave the yarn alone. I will stay away from the annoying people and just settle in until the world has righted itself.

Sorry to vent, just needed to share the pain.

Happy Knitting nonetheless!



One response to “Okay, maybe not today….

  1. Oh if I knew you better I would come over and give you hug!!! I am long past PMS and all the “joys” that come with it – BUT I have two daughters 24 and 21 and it is hell to be in the same STATE as they are!!!!! lol

    Hope things get better for you and circle around that yarn and give it another try when you feel your in a better state of mind. It will still be there!


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