I found the camera…see….!

I have proof that I am knitting. Yep, you guessed correctly, I found the camera and took a whopping 2 pictures of my current WIP’s. One is Citron, a lovely free pattern from Knitty, which I have decided to extend the repeats to 10 so that it will be larger. The color is totally outside of my color spectrum, but I love it and think it will look fantastic for a summer night out!

My next addiction, and I say addiction because it is so fabulous, that you can’t wait to put more color combinations together and do it all over again. This is the insanely popular Color Affection.  I am doing mine on size 7 32″ circulars and  really, I could use a 40″ for ease of working space. Now the picture is vague, I did that on purpose and am not a totally lousy photographer, just in case you were wondering! I want to show it to you in all its’ glory.

On the home front, Kyle has left for Massachusetts, and my parents are leaving in the morning and I will be running Bryce around between karate and BMX.

In between, I will be prepping the yarn in anticipation of dyeing on Monday. Just the thought of it makes me so happy.

I have to run to school to see Bryce and his presentation.

Have a great day. Happy Knitting!


3 responses to “I found the camera…see….!

  1. Love the pics…Wish you were coming up with Kyle…Would have been wonderful to see the whole family. Happy Knitting!!!!


  2. I love the color that I would call tangerine – just love it! Glad you found your camera, I love to see what everyone is working on.

    Keep working and making wonderful colors!


  3. Wow–I can see it better here than on your phone–beautiful! Very clever of you to leave the specifics of the design vague for now………..that just ups the anticipation factor! I won’t cheat and look up Color Affection, but will wait for you to reveal it. 🙂


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