Simple math….

Last night my husband and I went to dinner with the entire staff and their spouse’s of my LYS, and my employer. It was a great chance for all of us to be in one place at the same time and as a newbie, meet everyone’s hubby. We had a wonderful time and dinner was delicious. I am always excited when I don’t have to cook!

Speaking of cooking, I haven’t been in the kitchen much since my parents have come to visit. It seems rude to overtake the kitchen with all  my dyeing stuff. So, instead, I decided I would start to skein up the yarn.

The first skein went fine, the second was off. My mind was really not into it and it showed. So, I stopped. The fact that I screwed up really simple math makes me a bit nuts. I wonder if there is an App for that??

When I start any project, anything at all, I WAY over think it…I mean to death. I would be better off being impulsive, but I would have to plan for that….I am giggling because this is so ridiculous. Maybe this is my payback for staying up really late all last week while Bryce was on vacation?

Anyway, I am going to save dyeing for next week and take my time to skein the yarn. Plus there are books I want to pour over for color inspiration. It’s a really fun process.

Ok, it’s bedtime.

Happy Knitting!



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