Off schedule….

Happy Easter Monday!

My parents are here visiting for the week and this was Bryce’s last day of vacation. We spent the morning at the dentist, routine cleanings and we dropped mom off to get a haircut.

Lunch was at Five Guy’s…so good!! Stopped by the mall to get a gift for my godchild’s First Communion this coming weekend, which my hubby will attend.

We had a lovely Easter dinner with family and new friends. Kyle invited a young woman from his office who has a wee one and a wee one on the way and a hubby in a foreign land. We thought they could use some Easter bunny happiness. I will admit it was great to have a sweet 16 month old running around and kissing the puppy. We had many laughs and it was a lovely day. I think I am all hammed out!

I have managed to do a little bit of knitting here and there.

Tomorrow is supposed to be dyeing day, but I am not ready. I might skein some yarn and see what Wednesday looks like. There is no sense in doing it if you’re not feeling it. Having all the prep work done is a really good thing though.

Well, I hope to do another row and then off to bed. I have to be back on my mommy routine…..Boooooo!

Happy Knitting!


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