The Countdown begins……

I just looked at the calendar and we are exactly 30 days away from pure fiber bliss….Maryland Sheep and Wool!!!! I start to feel the tingle in my toes now and the feeling just works it way up UNTIL THE DAY  and by then I am just a beyond excited.

I don’t have much on my wish list this year, but my interest now lie in other areas. It’s just such a great time, with great people. Angie and I are taking our friend Stitchin Sue and I can count on the pain from all the laughing. For Sue, it will be shock and awe and that will be fun to watch. You see it on quite a few people for that matter.

I have been in “get the damn house clean because Nana and Poppy are coming” mode and basically the house needed a really good overhaul. Only grocery shopping remains and I will do that in the morning.

Tonight, a little knitting before I go to bed.

Happy Knitting,






2 responses to “The Countdown begins……

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! I am afraid I would have a terribly long wish list!


  2. Stitchin Sue’s Maryland Sheep Wool Wish List

    Lots of green yarn


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